Warmboard Radiant Heating System

As a whole-home heating system, Warmboard is the premier radiant heating solution in North America. Whether building a new home or remodeling, the Warmboard panels outperform every competitive system with more efficient and easier installations, lower energy use and unparalleled comfort.

Simply put – it's the best radiant heating system around

warmboard logoWarmboard is a giant leap forward in the evolution of radiant heating. Every aspect of the design and manufacturing of Warmboard has been implemented to maximize performance. Their patented design is the industry-leading low mass radiant heating panel. Their high conductivity brings the lowest water temperatures, decreasing energy use (and energy bills) while extending the life of the mechanical equipment. Low water temperatures allow Warmboard to seamlessly integrate with solar and geothermal systems without the need for additional hardware.

Warmboard provides the fastest response, heating your home in minutes, not hours (or days), ensuring your constant comfort. And the even surface temperatures allow access to a wider variety of flooring options, from thick carpets to ornate hardwoods – something other systems just can't offer.

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